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About SuperGlass Windshield Repair

SuperGlass Windshield Repair, Inc. is a Georgia corporation with its Headquarters and National Training Center in Orlando, Florida, USA. The company has established over two hundred and sixty franchises since incorporating in 1992 and is currently number 170 in the annual Entrepreneur "Franchise 500".

The marketing and technical staff of SuperGlass is made up of experienced windshield repair personnel who started their careers repairing glass. They know what you need to properly repair the glass and they know what you need to market your business. The focus of ongoing marketing support for the Franchise and ongoing technical research and support for the Technician is the primary role of the corporate staff.

With a corporate goal of retaining the position of "Largest Repair Only Franchise" in the world and growing the company market penetration to five hundred locations in the United States, SuperGlass will continue to increase the value of your Franchise and the growth of your local area business.

The staff of SuperGlass, with over 80 years of cumulative experience in the industry, understands that the success of the company is directly tied to the success of its Franchises.


To Our Franchisees:
To provide an opportunity to create a secure financial position for themselves and their families, to have a rapid return on their investment, to create equity in their business, help provide satisfactory income levels and fulfill their professional goals.

To Our Repair Customers:
To provide the highest quality windshield repair obtainable at a reasonable price with a professional image and courteous, timely service. To exceed all of the expectations of the repair customer.

To Our Employees:
To provide a safe, enjoyable working environment, with high earning potential and dynamic personal and professional growth capabilities.

To Our Planet:
To conserve as much energy as possible, and to keep as much glass out of landfills as possible, by preventing unnecessary replacements.


SuperGlass Windshield Repair Headquarters in Orlando, FL
SuperGlass Windshield Repair Corporate Headquarters & National Training Center

Our Staff

David A. Casey - President
David began repairing windshields in 1981 in Boulder, Colorado. In 1992 he founded SuperGlass Windshield Repair, Inc. with the idea that his success in the marketing and technical aspects of windshield repair could be duplicated through franchising.
David has served on the Board of Directors of the National Windshield Repair Association since its inception and helped establish the first set of Recommended Practices and the first certification program in the windshield repair industry.
In 2013, David was named one of the windshield repair industry's Most Influential People by AGRR Magazine.
The Mobile Tech Expo named David the Windshield Repair Person of the Year in 2005, the first year it was awarded.
David oversees the marketing and support programs for Franchisees, supervises all the training programs and directs the day to day operations of the company. In his spare time he enjoys being with his four grandchildren, reading or playing golf.

William C. Costello - Vice President Marketing
Bill Costello joined with David Casey in 1983 as a Windshield Repairman in Colorado and as an original founder of SuperGlass Windshield Repair, Inc. in 1992. Bill now heads up all of the local marketing for each Franchisee's territory and spends most of his time in the field, meeting new customers for SuperGlass Franchisees. Bill has visited virtually every city in the SuperGlass chain and has forged strong relationships with the leading transportation companies in the United States.
Bill is also an NWRA Certified Repairman, a SuperGlass Certified Trainer, and an expert in the field of glass repair.
When Bill isn't working he enjoys fishing on the Gulf and spending time with his wife, Joanne, and his dogs.

Sean Casey - General Manager
Sean grew up around the windshield repair industry and began with SuperGlass as a Customer Service Representative, in 1998. His interest and background in computer technology led him to the position of Information Systems Director where he builds and maintains all Internet endeavours, including the establishment of each Franchisee's local website.
Sean also oversees the manufacturing and design of SuperGlass equipment and accessories, our custom 3d printing prototype systems, as well as the payment distribution for SuperGlass National Accounts programs.
Sean and his wife Melinda welcomed a baby girl named Violet to the family in 2015.

Eric Linson - Manufacturing Assistant/Polishing Trainer
Eric began working at SuperGlass Windshield Repair, Inc. in 2009 as a part time assembler of accessories. His mechanical aptitude and continuing education led him to become the workhorse of the SuperGlass manufacturing department, experienced in building virtually every part of SuperGlass equipment.
Eric is the lead trainer in our glass and acrylic polishing program.
Eric's hobbies include growing organic vegetables, and shooting at an indoor gun range.

Marty Cleveland - Inventory & Shipping Manager
Martha "Marty" Cleveland is the backbone of our supply chain. She ships orders to our franchisees every day and keeps us ahead of growing demand from a busy chain. She comes from a customer service background and it shows every day with her friendly manner and fast service.
In her off time Marty enjoys music and gardening.

Lilian Moore - Office Manager
Lily is the youngest member of our crew but she's been in the company longer than most. Born into the SuperGlass family, she has been working and learning the SuperGlass way since before she can remember.
Lily is instrumental in making our company organized and makes sure everything runs smoothly, from greeting trainees at the front door, to making sure the equipment and paperwork is correct.
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